Things to Consider when Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

Things to Consider when Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

Stock cabinetsare basic cabinets with a simple style that you see in home improvement stores. These stores typically offer an unfinished cabinet product line that is ready to take home that day. Stock cabinets are an inexpensive option, but selections are at a minimum and they will need to be finished. Drawer fronts are manufactured from glued strips of wood as opposed to an individual piece of wood. Doors are paneled doors instead of raised wood panel doors. The cabinets may usually be cut from particle board, and if there is a back panel it is generally 1/8″ hard-board. Countertop fastening brackets will be actually small plastic corner clips with a single screw opening for attaching to the counter.

These cabinets are offered in limited dimensions, commonly in 6″ increments, while custom-made cabinets are offered in 3″ increments. This is essential when it relates to the overall configuration of your kitchen. You will most likely need to have fillers and end panels to get a complete, finished look. The end of each exposed cabinet will need to be finished to match the front. This will involve trimming and fitting completed panels onto the cabinet.

A stepabove stock cabinets is ordering them from a home improvement store. The quality will definitely be better compared to stock cabinets, but your options are still limited. Expect to encounter laminated interiors in white or a maple color, solid wood drawers and doors, as well as upgrades like soft close hinges and drawer slides. These cabinets arrive finished and ready to be installed.  Usually, these will be offered in 3″ increments, varying from 12 inches wide to 36 or even 48 inches wide. Doors and drawer fronts are offered in different designs and shades, but many options are also limited. The cabinets will still be 1/2″ thick,with the cabinet backsides around 1/8″ to 1/4″ thick.

The next possibility is semi-custom cabinets that are offered by specialized cabinet companies. You will have the ability to pick the color, finish, and style, along with selecting upgrades like ball bearing slides and soft close hinges. The price will usually include any fillers or pieces that may be necessary to properly install the cabinets. Although you will have many more options,  you again are limited to what is available.

Finally, choosing custom cabinetswill definitely be the best quality product that you can get. A cabinet professional will measure your kitchen area and will design a functional configuration according to your specifications. Because each cabinet will need to be made individually, the quality will definitely be considerably superior. A custom cabinet will usually be made out of 5/8″ or 3/4″ material, whether it’s a laminate material for convenience of upkeep, or hardwood plywood. This will be sturdier than particle board or medium density fiber-board. For cabinet backs you will notice 1/2″ thick material, with thicker places primarily made for mounting screws. The tops will also incorporate a countertop fastening strip at the front and back of base cabinets. As design and aesthetics go, you areonly limited by your creativity and your budget;nearly anything is possible! You have vast array of options like pull-out slides, pantry and garbage organizers, unlimited hardware options, and so much more. Even though custom cabinets are more expensive, you can create exactly what you want, rather than settling for what is available and currently in style.


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