The Quickest and Easiest Way to Organize a Garage

The Quickest and Easiest Way to Organize a Garage

Garage Organizing Tips That Really Work

The minute your garage becomes filled with junk and clutter, it has lost its function.  A garage is simply intended to be a functional and effective area to store not simply your car, but other household goods. While this mess might seem distressing, a few suggestions can get your garage looking clean and organized in a snap.

Take out everything from the garage and separate them into categories as you go. You must plan on devoting a day for this task. Putting related items together for quick and easy access will save you lots of time later when you are putting everything back into the garage. The next task is to examine every item, separating what you want/need from the items that have to be thrown out. Put aside just about anything you haven’t used for a year and really consider if you really need it or not. If it is still in good shape, you can sell it or perhaps donate it to a charitable organization.

Cleaning the garage from top to bottom is next and a must! Sweep the garage it to get rid of dust, debris and dead bugs. Remember to clean every window and light fixture. Make sure to incorporate items such as shelving, hangers and other items that can help you organize all of your possessions, save space, and make the garage clutter-free along with adding more space. If you choose to use shelves and hangers, your tools as well as other less heavy equipment don’t need to be put on the floor. On the shelves, larger items must be placed closer to the floor and lighter ones, on the top shelves. This particular design will help balance the weight and help prevent the racks from tipping over. Buying a movable garage closet is a terrific solution to maintain items hidden.

Now that your garage is tidied and organized, you should set aside a little bit of your time every month in order to keep it clean. Maintaining the garage will ensure that it won’t arrive at that messy and disorganized state again!

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